Chester River Health Foundation

Chester River Health Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization, works to raise funds to benefit the patients served by UM Shore Medical Center at Chestertown and UM Shore Nursing & Rehabilitation Center at Chestertown. UM Chester River Health Foundation is an affiliate of University of Maryland Shore Regional Health.

Unrestricted gifts are among the Foundation's most valuable resources as they allow the flexibility to fund priorities and meet unforeseen demands. Unrestricted contributions are used to buy vital new equipment, provide patient and staff education and expand or refurbish facilities. Gifts may also be designated to support programs or patient and staff education. In addition, a gift may be made in honor or in memory of a family member, loved one, neighbor or co-worker as a generous and heart-warming way to pay tribute to a special person.

We are grateful to every individual, business and foundation for your generous support of the people we serve as charitable gifts truly create the future of excellence in community health care services.

University of Maryland Chester River Health Foundation Board of Directors


  • Carl M. Gallegos, Ph.D., Chairperson

  • Elizabeth (Barrie) Frazier-Meima, Vice Chairperson

  • Kenneth D. Kozel, Foundation President

  • Mary L. Burton, Secretary

  • JoAnne Hahey, CFO, Treasurer

  • Sandra H. Bjork, Assistant Secretary

  • William B. Noll, Assistant Treasurer


  • Richard L. Barker

  • James H. Barton

  • Myra S. Butler 

  • John T. Carroll, Jr.

  • Jack A. Edson

  • Margie Elsberg

  • Michael R. Faust

  • Jason E. Fellows

  • Richard H. Lance

  • Charles L. Lerner

  • O. Raymond Long

  • John P. Murray, Ph.D.

  • Earl R. Runde

  • Sigrid R. Whaley

  • Jay Yerkes

Ex Officio Members

  • Susan Edson, President, Chester River Hospital Center Auxiliary
  • Kenneth D. Kozel, President and CEO, University of Maryland Shore Regional Health


  • Debra L. Lauser, Development Specialist
  • Maryann M. Ruehrmund, CFRE, Executive Director and Agent

For further information about the ways you can support the UM Chester River Health Foundation, contact Maryann Ruehrmund, CFRE, Executive Director at (410) 810-5660.

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