• Diagnosis of Sleep Disorders

    The University of Maryland Shore Regional Health Sleep Disorders Center provides outpatient testing and evaluation in a comfortable, homelike setting. Both diagnostic and therapeutic studies are performed to determine if you have a sleep disorder. All studies are painless and involve observations of patients’ sleep patterns. 
  • Home Sleep Testing

    For specific patients without other medical issues and with a high probability of sleep apnea complaints, home sleep testing is an increasingly popular choice.
  • Pediatric Sleep Studies

    UM Shore Regional Health provides safe, comfortable and comprehensive sleep studies for children as young as 4 ½ years old and up to their late teens. The studies, designed specifically for children, are done under medical supervision in a home-like setting, and parents can stay right nearby.

  • CPAP Compliance

    UM Shore Regional Health Sleep Disorders Center offers CPAP clinics for patients that have been identified by their physicians to be having compliance issues.  

  • How Well Do You Sleep?

    Take these three tests of daytime sleepiness -- the Epworth scale, the Fatigue Severity Scale and the Berlin Questionnaire -- to help determine if you should consider seeing a sleep specialist.