Integrative Medicine

The Center for Integrative Medicine (CIM) offers Acupuncture, Massage, Psychotherapy and Reiki. Our mission is to provide the best possible health care to our patients in a warm, personal, and caring way. Our practitioners are proud that the Center consistently earns 97-98% scores in patient satisfaction as ranked by a national healthcare survey company. 

Provided by our highly trained and experienced staff, CIM therapies can assist you in meeting your goals for recovery and rehabilitation from injury, illness or surgery, and can bring relief from many symptoms, including:

  • Stress, tension and fatigue
  • Back, hip and leg pain
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Headaches
  • Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue
  • Nausea and other gastrointestinal problems
  • Discomfort caused by cancer surgery and/or treatment

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The Center for Integrative Medicine is part of UM Shore Regional Health's division of Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services. One of our strengths is that all treatments are monitored and evaluated in order to ensure safety and quality of our work. Specifically, infection control and patient management conducted in strict accordance with national hospital standards, including those of the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Hospital Organizations (JCAHO) which provides accreditation to all hospitals in the U.S. In addition, further oversight is provided by a Board of Advisors, which includes UM Shore Regional Health doctors and allied health care providers. 

Every treatment method, whether conventional or holistic, has strengths and limitations; therefore, combining different treatments can help with the speed of progress and the effectiveness of each treatment's effects. However, we generally recommend starting with one method for about a month before adding another, so that practitioners can tell which method is responsible for improvement. 

Payment Information and Treatment Fees

Consultation:     Free, 15 minutes.  Purpose is to answer your questions about our services and select the best methods for you.

Acupuncture: $120 --  examination and first treatment
$ 80 --  per treatment cost
$ 40 -- 2nd treatment in within a calendar week of the first

Massage: $ 75 --  one hour
$ 45 --  ½ hour
$100 -- 1½ hours

Psychotherapy: $150 -- intake session
$125 --  per 55-minute session

Please note: The Center for Integrative Medicine does not take insurance; however, we will supply receipts for your use in submitting claims. Our services are not covered under Medicare or Medicaid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral from my doctor? Not unless your insurance company says it is.  However, we encourage you to inform your doctor of your treatments with us, as he or she is interested in knowing what types of treatments you are receiving. In addition, we can inform your doctor of your progress if you wish.

Can I receive treatments even if I don’t have anything wrong with me? Yes.  Prevention is strongly emphasized in our approach, which means that the best time to come is when you are well.  Many people enjoy coming for treatment on a regular basis for years on end, once every month or two, in order to maximize their potential for being physically and psychologically healthy.

How often do I have to come for treatments?  This varies for each person, depending on responsiveness to treatment, and the condition for which treatment is sought. Generally, treatments need to be given weekly at first in order to build up momentum.  Later, many people come for treatments just to feel better – more energized, relaxed and clear – and continue every month or two on an ongoing basis rather than waiting to seek treatment after the problems have become overwhelming.

Will it hurt? Most of our therapies feel very relaxing when administered.  For a few people, acupuncture needles can be uncomfortable, but most individuals find them very easy to take. In fact, many people can’t feel the needles at all when inserted. 

Does insurance cover these treatments? Many insurance companies now pay for acupuncture, and psychotherapy is covered by many health plans.  However, most of our other services, such as massage, are not covered by either private insurance or Medicare. Therefore, we do not bill insurance companies.  But we can provide you with receipts and claim forms to help you submit claims on your own.

What can I expect from treatments? Results and the rate of progress will vary greatly from one person to the next. In most cases, the progress and results of our treatments will take place gradually. We encourage you not to expect quick fixes, but to learn about how you can contribute to the recovery and maintenance of your health. We focus more on the journey, so to speak, and on your becoming more aware of how you can make a significant difference in the improvement of your life as a whole and your body in particular.

Will using different treatment methods at the same time make them interfere with each other? There is almost no chance that the treatments will interfere with each other. On the contrary, they can enhance their mutual effect, yielding better results than a single treatment method by itself.That being said, we recommend that you do not begin two treatments simultaneously, as that would make it difficult ascertain the efficacy of either one.

How much research is behind the methods of integrative medicine, and where can I get more information on them?  The research on these methods varies in quantity and quality.   A good source of the best and latest information can be found at the National Center for Complementary and  Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), which is a branch of the National Institutes of Health.  The website address is 

What Our Patients Say ...

“The acupressure massage at Integrative Medicine relieved the neck and shoulder pain I had been experiencing since an auto accident 14 months previous. It was truly a miracle! I highly recommend relaxation massage as well. I have tried massage at three locations in Easton. Massage at Integrative Medicine has been the most effective and pleasurable. “-- H, Tilghman

“For several years I have had increasing sacroiliac joint pain. Acupuncture has rapidly made a dramatic improvement in my pain level and functioning. If I had been more familiar with acupuncture when the problem began, I could have saved both myself and my health plan significant amounts of money and been comfortable years ago!” -- L, Federalsburg

“I experienced the benefits of acupuncture for the relief of psychological symptoms.  More typically used for physical pain, acupuncture was helpful to me in maintaining a sense of emotional balance, enhanced energy level, and improved sleep while going through a stressful time related to the loss of a significant relationship. The acupuncturist was warm and supportive and treated my spirit as well as my body. I had a series of treatments that I feel helped me to move with less internal chaos through the emotional experience. Overall it was very healing.” -- N, Easton

“The Center for Integrative Medicine was there when I had crippling back pain. I couldn't stand up straight and I had no warning when it would throw me to the ground. I tried massage first and then the next day was interviewed for acupuncture. Never in a million years did I see acupuncture in my future....but pain drives you to do just about anything! I remember being told NOT to expect immediate results, but I did! As each needle went into my hand, the pain seemed to fold in on itself. My five treatments kept me upright so I did not miss any precious time from work and could save that vacation time.” -- R, Oxford

“I would like to thank you and your staff for all their concern and care over the past four years. I began visiting the Center for Integrative Medicine for an occasional massage and acupuncture. The thing that impressed me most was the staff’s genuine concern for my physical and emotional wellbeing. This was extremely evident to me, especially while my husband suffered a severe illness that was emotionally taxing to me and my family. Everyone was thoughtful, kind and impressed upon me the value of taking time to refresh my mind and spirit. It helped me through a difficult time and I am eternally thankful.” -- V, Easton

More Information

For more information about our services or to make an appointment, please contact:

Center for Integrative Medicine
522 Cynwood Drive, Suite 300*
Easton, MD 21601
TEL: 410-770-9400

**NOTE: This is a new address as of August 24, 2015.