Visitor Policy

Safety and security are top priorities of the Birthing Center team. To ensure the health, safety and security of mothers and babies, a strong security system is in place, as are carefully designed visitation policies. 

Visiting policies are as follows:

During Labor and Delivery - Mothers may choose up to five support individuals, including siblings, to participate in the labor and delivery process. Each person chosen will wear a special bracelet that signifies his or her inclusion in the birthing experience. No other visitors will be allowed during labor.

Cesarean Birth - For mothers having a Cesarean, one individual among those wearing a bracelet may be chosen by the mother to accompany her to the Operating Suite, subject to the approval of the Operating Room physician.

After Delivery - The five individuals wearing bracelets may visit for up to two hours after delivery. So that mothers can rest and learn how to care for their newborn, and for themselves, unlimited visitation is allowed for only one support person wearing the newborn's identification bracelet. 

Nursery (Special Care and Boarder Babies) - Only individuals wearing the newborn's identification bracelet and one other visitor are allowed at a time. 

Visiting Hours and Restrictions:
Please note that visiting hours are 12 noon-8pm. Only five visitors are allowed at one time in the Birthing Center; this includes siblings of the new baby and the specified support person wearing the unlimited visitation bracelet. Children (8 years and older) are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult at all times; siblings of any age are welcome but also must be supervised by an adult at all times.